I’m doing a project and uploading it and people are saying “thanks for doing God’s work” and that “i’m a God”. They are not Muslim, so should I just say thanks and move on? I was unaware of any possible haram-ness of these comments towards me until now since I was not the one who made these statements.

  • The first statement isn't really attributing God's qualities. It is an idiom in English to mean "doing work that God has commanded i.e. doing good work." See: en.wiktionary.org/wiki/God%27s_work Like we say in Islam: fighting for the sake of Allah. As for the second, that's definitely a problem.
    – The Z
    2 days ago

Alsalam alikum brother / sister, the best thing to do and thats what i usually do is just to them "hahaha no i am not a god" and that is the best thing to do in my opinion.

And inshallah you won't get sins for what THEY are calling you. It is like the christens calling jesus for a god or a son of god which is not of his fault.

Allah knows best


Just say Bismillah three times and your good keep at it superhero In america "God's Work" is the ministry of serving people in a whole manner. Meaning your holy bruh. Obviously Allah is worshipped the nigga aint going to directly work for people. don't be a minion live in majd its pure bruh just a different culture and religion telling you. I wish i had the feeling of god-like powers when someone compliments me i get embarrased that i got seen.

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