I heard that zoroastrians were called Majus in Quran, and people that practiced shirk religions were called Mushrikeen.


Yes, it is impermissible to marry them, and it was also impermissible for Muslim men to have intercourse with Zoroastrian slave-girls until they accepted Islām.

  • @Affan Can you share a source? While it is true that a minority has considered it permissible, but I doubt that this is the madhab of the Hanafis. In fact sources I remember from this explicitly said that the Hanafis are with the majority, and the other madhab is only held by some individuals among the scholars and some among the salafis. Note that some also hold that marriage with Zoroastrians is permissible as they believed that they are from the people of the book.
    – UmH
    Jun 23 '21 at 4:29
  • وأما قوله ولا يحل وطء أمة مجوسية بملك اليمين فهذا أيضا قول جمهور أهل العلم ولم يختلف فيه فقهاء أهل الأمصار من أهل الرأي والآثار ~ Istidhkaar Ibn 'Abd al-Barr
    – UmH
    Jun 23 '21 at 4:41
  • @UmH is correct, Imām Abū Hanīfah and his madh'hab did not consider it permissible.
    – Ibn e Khan
    Jun 23 '21 at 8:35

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