My father have been forcing me to wear the hijab for a couple of months now, is it permissible? For context he didn’t advice me gently but instead used violence and threatened to murder me if I don’t wear a headscarf, it have been affecting me mentally and made me grow resentment towards him. My mom supports him and doesn’t see anything wrong about it which also made me grow some resentment for her.


It is obligatory upon you to cover your áwrah and observe the hijāb, and it is impermissible for you to reveal your hair and beauty to non-mahram men.

You may not like the behaviour of your father, and it can be understood that you would not like it, but you must remember that a Muslim man who has ghayrah will not tolerate his daughter to reveal herself to men, and will be angered by it, and he is to ensure that she covers herself properly to the best of his ability.

You may also dislike the advice given here by myself, but it is for your own good:

Observe the hijāb and make your dunyā and ākhirah better, your parents will be pleased with you, and more importantly you will please your Lord.

May Allāh make it easy for you to obey His Commands.

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    But threaten to kill her? I find that ridiculously excessive. At the most, Allah encourages respect and dignity to his religion. Such violence would indefinitely scare Muslims away especially if it’s their parents threatening them. Jun 18 at 4:35

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