Since I was young until today I've always believed in Allah strongly. When I became a teenager I started being friends with bad influences. I started going out with guys (only hugging and making out), drinking alcohol, forgot how to pray, going to rock concerts... etc.

When I became older (after university) I started being more spiritual, wanting to know more about islam (even though i'm born into a muslim family in a muslim country). I started praying and regret everything I did.

Then I became friends with bad influences again! And now i'm stuck because there are no good religious people in this place!

So every time I do something bad I instantly regret it and feel ashamed. I stopped drinking alcohol a few months ago and stopped going out with guys.

The only problem now is i'm super lazy to pray. I don't have a job so I sleep in the morning and wake up late missing prayers. I TRY to wake up to pray or when i'm out with friends I remember the prayer but I don't pray.

What's wrong with me? Am I cursed? I keep trying my best but something keeps me away. I know it's not shaytan because I always read dua/quran against.

Can you please advise me on how to keep my prayers? How do you get rid of laziness? What to do with bad influences friends? Any other advice on how to get back on the Islamic track?


  • Aim to go to mosque and read salat there as you feel more spiritual than you would at home. The more you make the effort to go read salat at a mosque it becomes a habit and you’ll want to go more. If you struggle and miss your salat try setting an alarm an hour or 2 before the prayer time so you can be awake
    – Usman
    Jun 15 at 0:05

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