assalam alaikum,

before i start, i am a follower of the maliki fiqh for the most part so I would appreciate if someone who knows about maliki fiqh would answer but anyone is ok.

in maliki fiqh it is said that complete 3-d statues are haram while non-complete are only makruh. now i am wondering what this “completeness” would mean. there are certain brands of anime figurines that exclude small body features such as nostrils, fingernails and ear holes such as nendoroids like these (they are also not proportionate to real human bodies but i’m not sure if this part matters). i also have a figure of an anime character who is an amputee and his replacement arm is made of metal and the hand area does not look like a normal human hand/arm but rather with a blade attached. would these be ok to keep since they are missing some features of the body?

a second inquiry is if it would be allowed to keep robot figurines as they are clearly not humanoid. i don’t mean like robots that look like real humans but rather ones that look like they are made of metal and are lacking features of a real human (an example would be this gurren lagann gunman figurine .


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