Aslamalaikum I purchased a new flavour of Pringles called doner kebab flavour and I was wondering if there’s actual doner kebab in it the can did say vegetarian and had no haram ingredients of what I could see but I don’t know if they added anything haram in the seasoning. Should I continue eating them or not?

  • Although it says suitable for vegetarians there could be an ingredient that may be haram. Most of the time these crisps are just flavoured meaning it is alright to consume these however I’m not sure because I’ve never seen this flavour. I had a look on the Pringles website however the product isn’t listed so unless something comes up it might be best to steer clear to be on the safe side. – Usman Jun 11 at 10:55
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    I’m voting to close this question because your question does not concern Islam. On this site you may ask whether something is halal to eat which need not be vegetarian. – Jeschu Jun 11 at 18:05

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