Most hot sauces these days areally made from fermented peppers meaning that it contains alcohol.

I live in an Arab country and almost all products sold here are Halal. I bought a hot sauce bottle and on the label it says 'Aged Habereno Peppers' which seemingly is a better way of saying fermented habereno peppers.

So is this haram ? Alcohol that is supposed to be drunk (wine,beer) is haram while that which is not supposed to be drunk is not haram ( eg: bread ). Now hot sauce isn't essentially supposed to be drunk but it is a liquid .

So is this haram ?

Please provide a detailed answer .

Jazakallahu Khair.

  • To answer that you must find out: Does it contain ethanol? How much? Just because something is called "fermented" does not mean that it contains ethanol. Maybe it was fermented by bacteria like vinegar or yogurt.
    – UmH
    Jun 9 at 11:11

If the alcohol changes the taste, then it is deemed haram. There will always be maybe a tiny bit of alcohol in everything. We produce alcohol, does that mean we are accountable for it? No. Allah put this feature within us to send us an example. I can't seem to find a hadeeth on this subject. Here is an Islamic scholar's words for this subject.

Ibn ʻUthaymeen may Allaah have mercy upon him was once asked about the so called (non-alcoholic) beer, given that some brands of non-alcoholic beer have a percentage of alcohol. The following was part of his reply: “As to percentage, do not think that any percentage of alcohol in a thing makes it unlawful; rather if the percentage of alcohol has an effect whereby when a person drinks this mix, he becomes intoxicated, then it is unlawful. But if the percentage is very small without effect, then it is lawful. For example, a percentage such as 1%, 2% or 3% does not make the beverage unlawful. Some people misunderstood the hadeeth that states, 'Whatever intoxicates in large quantities, then a small quantity of it is forbidden,' to mean that if a small percentage of an intoxicant is mixed with a large amount of a substance that is not intoxicating, then it is unlawful. This is a misunderstanding of the hadeeth. 'Whatever intoxicates in large quantities, a little of it is unlawful' means that if a lot of something will cause intoxication, and a little of it will not cause intoxication, then a lot or a little are both unlawful, because you may drink a little that does not cause intoxication, then you may be tempted to drink more and become intoxicated. But if something is mixed with alcohol, while the alcohol content is a minute amount and does not have any effect, then it is lawful and does not come under the ruling of this Hadeeth.”

Allah knows best. Have a good day.

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