İ have brown stuff stuck to my skin in my belly button and it was there since i am born.My mother says doctor Used a medicine to seal my belly button when i was born and it is remnants of that thing.Now there is black stuff on it that doesnt allow water to contact my skin,i tried cleaning it but after some time it gets dark again.İm afraid that if i rub it too hard my belly will open up(and it hurts when i rub too hard). Today i cleaned it but there is still some residue left deep in my belly button(and it blocks water). Now i took 4 ghusls without cleaning newly built up stuff from last time i cleaned it( it slowly built up without me noticing). Are they all invalid? All the salat i prayed? They are all gone?

EDİT: İt might be omphalolits too. Anyway am i responsible for cleaning it?

  • The point of the ghusl is to clean yourself from major and minor impurities (like maniy, blood, urine, etc...). You have a medical problem and the impurities you described don't nullify your wudu and ghusl. So your ghusl is accepted and your prayers too. (to understand it better, If the impurities in your belly button were semen, then it would nullify your ghusl and wudu) – muslimpro56 Jun 6 at 13:34
  • Ghusl doesn't mean you should harm yourself. You should clarify this with a physician first before trying to clean something which, you maybe for your own safety shouldn't. – Medi1Saif Jun 6 at 19:22

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