Is it haram to draw a face or a character or an animal that's from a book or a show or a movie something that's basically already created but you're drawing it on a different canvas your drawing the same thing that's already created but on your piece of paper or your canvas I want to know clearly if it's haram or not because I have heard that it is if you're creating a random character but I have not heard if it is, or isn't if you're drawing a character that's already created.


Assalamualaikum, I encourage you to weigh all different advice, interpretations and opinions in the matter and ask Allah swt for guidance. I am not qualified to tell you what it is right. Watch Dr Shabir Ally's answer here, he also gives interesting historic context of where rhe hadith may have come from: https://youtu.be/LJVfAba_jtc

Also here is more research regarding the hadiths and scholars who have the opinion that it is permissible: https://hawramani.com/the-evidence-for-the-permissibly-of-drawing-and-painting-in-islam/ and this https://hawramani.com/is-it-haram-to-hang-pictures-in-a-room/ There is most caution about hanging any of these pictures up on the wall as this can be in line with worshipping the images, this is the main area of prohibition!

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