I have read that it is Haram if the ticket money contributes to the Prize money.

However a lot of these competitions also have Postal Votes where you do not contribute to the prize money but only pay for the postal stamp to send your entry.

Does this count as haram?

  • Furthermore here are the terms and conditions of one of the companies: "80% of the net proceeds of the draw will go to the charity, with Promoting company being paid 20%. It is expected that approximately £500,000 will be raised for the charity, which would mean the Promoter is paid £125,000. Irrespective of sales, the Promoter has guaranteed a minimum total payment of £100,000 for the charity. Postal Entries are No purchase necessary." Does the Promoting company profiting from the sales affect it? If you enter for free are you gambling/is it haram? – SincerelyAsking Jun 5 at 4:37

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