This has been on my mind for a while and I have looked at several explanations but I’m still confused. Are we supposed to wash our private parts first and then the whole body once? Or are we not allowed to touch it during ghusl? Sometimes I am under difficult circumstances and I can’t do the sunnah but I really don’t know how the shorter version works. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me EXACTLY what to do just for farz. Also, not sure if it’s important to know for this but I’m female.

  • You ask about fard ghusl and discuss sunnah acts...? How to perform ghusl is easy and explained in several posts.
    – Medi1Saif
    Jun 3 at 13:07
  • I don’t know im just confused. I have watched videos and read posts but I really don’t understand at all
    – dlsj
    Jun 3 at 13:13

Simple. There are three steps that you should follow in order to perform the fara'id (mandatory steps) of the ghusl.

According to Wikipedia :

Farā'id of Ghusl (Hanafi Guidelines) There are three fard (obligatory) acts. If one of these acts is omitted, it must be returned to and completed before the remaining acts.[9]

  1. Rinsing the inner mouth
  2. Sniffing water and blowing it out.
  3. Washing the entire body. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghusl#Far%C4%81'id_of_Ghusl_(Hanafi_Guidelines)

Washing the body means just pouring water over your body, especially over your private parts so that all of the impurities go away.

  • Okay thank you, but do we have to wash it with our hands or not? I personally feel like if I just pour water over that part the impurities won’t go away but I don’t know if that would be allowed. (I know I sound really stupid but im genuinely wondering.)
    – dlsj
    Jun 3 at 18:45
  • :) Just make sure that the impurities go away (it also depends on what kind of impurities it is ! if you can still see or smell the impurities after using only water, then use your left hand (the top of your left hand, not the whiter part) and). It's just to make sure that all the impurities go away. For example, if the impurity is just urine, then water is enough because it will dilute in the water, but if it's semen, then water might not be enough. You can use your left hand. The most important part is just to completely clean yourself from impurities. Jun 3 at 19:03
  • okay, thank you for explaining so did I understand this correctly: the most important thing is removing impurities & washing the body once and if I do use my hand for impurities I don’t have to do wudu afterwards?
    – dlsj
    Jun 3 at 19:52
  • 1
    No obviously just do the steps in my answer (whether you use your hands or not) and when you finish your ghusl do a wudu to pray. you don't have to do wudu in your ghusl. wudu is from the sunnah of the ghusl. Jun 3 at 21:49
  • I’m really sorry but now im confused again, you said no but you also said I have to do a wudu after I finish my ghusl. Do I have to do it or not? (I’m still a bit new to everything that’s why i don’t know so many things)
    – dlsj
    Jun 4 at 5:41

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