There seems to be an abundance of mixed information on the internet that categories the permissibility of jobs within the Financial Sector and a lot of this is becoming increasingly difficult to digest / validate. Whilst I am fully aware that individuals will always adjust their response to their intuition or situation I was hoping with references one could achieve a real world mix of answers allowing one to make a decision based on their intuition but from these real world examples.

The company I presently work for builds software for Banks. The software is based on Origination and Servicing solutions. It provides the tools for Riba based Banks to setup Current Accounts, Mortgage Accounts, Saving Accounts for customers and Broker Portals for Mortgage Brokers. It also provides API's for connecting to third party gateways in order to check customers credibility and affordability ratings. In a nutshell they provide software and maintain the software they build for a Riba based Bank to operate.

Now my specific role is in the infrastructure department. The servers are pre-prepared by our hosting partner so they are already ready to use. My team in specific make final preparations to the Servers for the banking software to be deployed to such as installing service accounts, adjusting certain key settings, and finally and occasionally installing the actual banking software and our job ends here - pretty straight forward stuff. This is then followed up with the developers who also occasionally install the banking software and begin customisations of their software for the Bank. When upgrades or bug fixes need to be applied, me and the team deploy/install these updates to the Banks servers.

The main points to note here are:

  1. I do not have any involvement in the building of the software. Thus, I do not record interest.
  2. I do not work for a Bank, I work for the software company in the infrastructure division.
  3. I do update the software when required. So updates, bug fixes, we need to deploy them.
  4. I do not just prepare the servers and occasionally install the Banking software. I also maintain the servers the banking software runs on (health, resources, etc.)
  5. The company's main source of income and primary activity is to sell this software to the lender market (Banks).
  6. My salary isn't paid to me by the bank it is paid to me by the company I work for (which makes money from Banks buying the software and service contracts [Yes, it could be argued that the software is purchased with Riba money made by the bank, I do not know however])

The ultimate question as you probably have figured out already is if this job is permissible Islamically?

Before re-directing me to this link here or flagging it as a duplicate of that post it needs to be noted that the post is over 6 years old and most links are to to non-working pages.

This leaves me with all the current research I have done which includes YouTube videos here, here and here which explain it is not permissible.

This and This post explains it is not permissible

This site explains both views

This site seems to stipulate that it is permissible

This site seems to mention both potential possibilities

This site seems to say it is permissible (however I am not a software engineer and do not create software but I do install it)

This site has a rather interesting approach (If your company sells the software you are no longer assisting - not sure I agree)

This answer doesn't make much sense as technically he is assisting the Financial Institution.

I am aware of the statement by Jabir who said that Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) cursed the accepter of interest and its payer, and one who records it, and the two witnesses, and he said: They are all equal.

I am also aware of Suratal-Maida (5:2) - Which forbids in cooperating in sin and transgression

Albeit it seems most scholars (sites) seem to indicate it is not permissible with very few saying it is permissible. I know Islam is also based on Niyah which means one has to also take into consideration what their heart is telling them and potentially act on that if no immediate answer can be found.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated by me and the many people that probably have this dilemma as this can potentially lead to making life changing decisions (career path, salary packages, positions, etc)..


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