Assalamualaikom I have a concern.

I am aware of the evil consequences of backbiting but I would like to know if this scenario would fall under "backbiting". I live in a community where adultery,partying , islamophobia etc is the norm even within my extended family (cousins) Sometimes they would incite me to evils(like drinking alcohol) or actively try to belittle or provoke me because of the life path I have chosen(Islam). I deal with this emotional hurt by reflecting with my husband about why i cant follow these people because of what they do openly(such as sexual immorality,gays ,living a care free life of partying and neglecting matters of the Akhirah (such as Salah)discussing it with my husband about how they are and why I refuse to be friends with them or go to family events. Is this backbiting? When I speak to my husband about what other people have done to me because of a disagreement in lifestyles?

I need to know because I really need advice on how to deal with such issues especially when its hard to avoid at family events and I end up dealing with alot of emotional hurt that im not sure how to express. Also, is talking to a therapist about people who hurt you considered backbiting?

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