Assalamualaykum, I had to pray my isha but i got caught up doing something else and didn’t know about the time . When i was done I checked the time and realised I missed Isha by 3 minutes. I quickly prayed the 4 fardh. Do I get ghunna for this? And if I do get ghunna how can I make it up and how do I know if I am forgiven?


Yes you are sinful for missing prayer. You should always put prayer first above your other priorities. You should pray Kazah and repent sincerely for neglecting the prayer.

You can make it up by repenting and trying your best not to make a repeat of this incident again. Perhaps change your schedule so that way you put prayer first above anything else just so you can get it out of your way and bless your work.

You will know you’re forgiven by the following:

  • You don’t miss prayer as often (if Allah is mad at you, he takes the privilege of prayer away from you which is why some stop praying altogether)
  • You sin less
  • You feel a boost in your mood, positivity in general
  • You will Feel Calm And Relaxed

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