So before I preformed the Ghusl I took "regular" shower, but washed every inch of my body with soap and made sure there was absolutely no dirt on my body (I always do that before making the Ghusl to make sure). After I washed my whole body I made my intention and performed the Ghusl. So the steps I did was:

  1. Washing the hands > belly button > private part > bum.

  2. After that I did the wudu and planned to do the feet at the ending of the Ghusl (it was already clean, but I prefer to do it at the end of the Ghusl).

  3. After the Wudu I washed the right side of my body 2 times and almost did the third time, but couldn't complete it because my father shut down the water (because of the water bill etc.). So the only thing I had to do was the left side and the feet then my Ghusl was complete.

And now I'm wondering since took a shower and washed every inch of my body before performing the Ghusl does it count as Ghusl even though I couldn't half complete it?

I'm btw a male (not sure if that's relevant?)

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