I have a muslim husband and me I am not. When he asked me for marriage I told him that I will not make him chidrens because I am much older than him and the nature say it's word. I had before children's with my previous husband. My question is: should I be treated different from the womans who have children's with their husband from the point of view of food, clothes or other rights of muslims wifes? Should I be forced to give 50% of the expenses in the house because I don't have children's?

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    Muhammad pbuh had many wives and many of them had not children, and muhammad Pbuh gave them equal right
    – Anonymous
    May 13 '21 at 7:43

No, every wife should be taken care of and treated kindly it doesn’t matter whether she has kids with her husband or not. Some of prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) wives had kids from their previous marriages and he did his best on treating them all equally. Allah knows best.

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