As salamu alaikum. I started praying all 5 prayers two months ago. I've completely changed. I felt close to Allah, but a few days ago some thoughts came to my mind that I'm worshipping something also named Allah, but not the true one. That Muslims worship Allah, but my Allah isn't the same one.

I am so anxious as I am scared of committing shirk. I don't know if I'm a true believer.


Read Quran. Read as much Quran as possible, preferably the smaller chapters. Ask Allah for forgiveness and pray a lot. Pray voluntary prayers. Prayer helps the Muslim. Know your creator better. Allah is ALONE, has no girlfriend, no children and no one decides with him. He does whatever he wants. Dhikr only Allah and continue doing this until you stop feeling how you feel right now. And Allah knows how you feel and knows best.


That because maybe you don’t really know Allah, I suggest you to read this ayat that god introduced himself by himself

Al-Hashr 59:22-24

And by understandig what the meaning of the 99 names of allah and read more Quran especially when allah talk about himself you will know who is Allah.

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