Lately I have had a problem where I have severe waswas. I know that if you believe in these shirk/kufr thoughts then it takes you outside the fold of Islam. But the problem that I have is that I keep believing in these thoughts, and I don't know what to do about them. The thoughts come to me for the whole day, and even when I am praying. Then I have to break my salat because I believed in the shirk thoughts and I have to renew my shahada. Now I have to rush my salat before I can believe in another one of those those thoughts. I cant even sleep because of me believing them, and I get very frustrated about this and I get worried about this, because these are the last ten nights of ramadan. Am I still going to get punished for believing in these thoughts if I keep on believing them? I know that this is not just regular waswas, and that Allah might be angry with me for believing them. Is anyone else going through the same issue where they keep on believing these thoughts? Did any of you find a way to get rid of these thoughts. If so please let me know.

  • Are you certain you believe in it this could be shaitan trying to mess up with your head if these are doubts throw them in the dust bin and ignore them Insha’Allah all will help you I hope you get better soon May 11 at 22:03
  • Yes I am sure that I believe in them. I try to ignore them but I cant the thoughts just keep coming.
    – KryptedNex
    May 11 at 22:09
  • Look up these thoughts on YouTube you will find informative videos that explain this Insha’Allah may Allah make things easy for you May 11 at 22:51
  • Thank you may allah bless you. Ameen
    – KryptedNex
    May 11 at 23:21
  • Ameen happy late Ramadan and I hope you have good time with your family on eid al fitr May 11 at 23:29

Saitan try to put bad thought in people's mind. A good people's protect themselves from committing any bad action due to influence of the thoughts and if you have done nothing due to influence of these bad thought. You no need to worry.

You are not the only one who have these kind of thought. Just ignore them. Its the act of saitan to miss guide you or make you confuse and it may put you in depression if not ignore.

Read Ayat Al qursy will help to get rid of these kind of thought.

  • Thank you a lot may allah bless you for this as well. Ameen.
    – KryptedNex
    May 12 at 15:16

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