My name is Tom and currently I am working on a Final for my class.

The class mostly looks at American Horror literature published throughout the ages, dissecting and discussing them. For the final project we have been tasked with writing a proposal for a horror novel.

While I have seen many novels with Christian elements (such as crosses, the devil, cults, baptisms, original sin, antichrist, etc..) I have not heard of any horror stories with heavy Islamic elements woven in.

While I can list themes in Christian-based horror novels, I have no clue what an Islamic horror story would entail. Religious iconography is not my strong suit, and I just was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction.

My current novel idea would be focusing on a surrealist experience, where an main character would have to figure their way out of a nightmarish cult. The cult itself would not be true to Islamic beliefs, but would be a somewhat bastardization of them, incorporating a sort of "Lost their Way" vibe. Perhaps the main character might learn the true teachings of the Qur'an, being saved from sin?

Overall, I'm just trying to see about what I should and should not be writing about, and perhaps how to structure my story without blatantly offending or insulting Islamic beliefs.

-Sincerely, Alejandro

(Don't worry about answering every question!)

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