I have a problem that I used to see many videos where they say someone has god like powers (astagfirullah), I always used to avoid those things, but once when I was talking about a strong man in anime I said in my mind that he has god like power (astagfirullah), I always want to avoid these thoughts but these thoughts keep coming in my mind? Was I committing shirk?


Ask for forgiveness to allah, he will forgive you, Allah says in Quran; tell them(o prophet)," my servants who have committed excesses against themselves (committed sins) do not lose hope in Allah's mercy, surely Allah forgives all sins(with repentance). Allah is the most forgiving most merciful.(39:53) Allah knows your intention, he knows best what is in your heart, as long as you hate those thoughts you are not sinful for this, so whenever these thoughts come to your mind immediately start thinking about something else, engage yourself in something like painting, reading, cooking, playing, stitching, writing, talking so that you can get rid of these thoughts, because in free time there are more chances of those thoughts to come to your mind.

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