I've read Surah Yasin many times, but recently I got curious about a symbol in the Surah. I tried to find a solution in Internet by searching Tajweed rules: I found something similar but I am not sure if it refers to the same symbol.

This is an image of the symbol I'm asking about:


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    It would be helpful if you added the information what kind of moshaf you found this in? – Sassir May 9 at 0:45


Alhamdulillah, I can answer your question, brother (or sister).

You should stop reading for a second in this symbol but can't breathe (you should hold your breath). Click here to hear the verse.

This symbol is 4 times in Al-Quran.

  • Kahf - 18:1
  • Yaseen - 36:52
  • Qiyamah - 75:27
  • Mutaffifin - 83:14

Hope that the answer will be helpful for you.

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    Alaikumassalam, thank you for answering. Can you additionally provide the name of the symbol or a source link? – Snefru Clone May 9 at 1:11
  • The sign is called Saktah. You can click here. For details, click here. – K M F Ruhan May 9 at 8:32

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