Is there any reports/narrations, fiqhi opinions or sharia manuals which mention the punishment for necrophilia in Islamic law if there is one?

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Yes, intercourse with a corpse is covered in fiqh. The punishment is a Tazir according to the Hanafis and the dominant opinion of the Shafi'is and Hanbalis. And it is the Hadd of Zina according to the Malikis.

وكذا وطء المرأة الميتة لا يوجب الحد ويوجب التعزير

Bada'i al-Sana'i

أو كان إتيان ميتة في قبلها أو دبرها حال كونها أو كونه غير زوج فيحد بخلاف لو كانت زوجا

Hashiyat ad-Dasuqi

  • Brother, I have a question. Do you need 4 witnesses to implement the tazeer in this case? – Affan May 8 at 13:20

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