Prayer: Out loud or not?

Hello. I usually like to pray the prayers of asar, duhr and fajr outloud. Is that fine?

  • Why do you do that? – Anonymous May 5 at 15:57
  • Not a scientific but a practical answer: It doesn't really matter as long as you don't disturb others. – Jeschu May 5 at 16:39
  • Of course it isn't because these prayers ('asr and dhohr) are supposed to be performed as silent prayers. You will at least need to perform sujd Sahw for repairing this mistake. But if you did so intentionally knowing this it's a bit more of an issue. – Medi1Saif May 5 at 18:05
  • Oh. To be honest I did know that you had to pray them silent. Ok, from now on I will pray them silent. – huhukhk May 6 at 5:24
  • Also, with nafil prayers, can they be prayed outloud? – huhukhk May 6 at 5:39

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