I start to worry am I commiting shirk if I’m worried please help please respond tho I don’t act or speak upon it I try to say to myself it’s fake it’s not real. I also heard a sheikh say that as human beings we can’t help ourselves from having this feeling but Allah cures it through tawakkul. I don’t wanna keep having these thoughts because it may lead to shirk. I have the feeling that this could be waswas am I held accountable.

  • Why are you worried? – Anonymous May 5 at 13:29
  • Mainly doubts on it and shirk idk I’m worried that if I commited shirk – Youssef Benrifi May 5 at 13:31
  • Why do you think that you are doing shirk? – Anonymous May 5 at 13:32
  • Because I have doubts on bad omens isint that kinda believing in it? – Youssef Benrifi May 5 at 13:33
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    Don't worry it's not believing, whenever these thoughts come to your mind immediately start thinking about something else – Anonymous May 5 at 13:51

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