I didn't know that we cant drink water and eat when the fajr azan is being called.Meaning that we should eat our suhoor before the fajr azan

Now usually I used to drink water when the fajr azan is being called. I would stop of course after the azan finishes BUT

Still that means most of my fasts are invalid or are they? And if they are should I make up for them ? ( even though I was ignorant of the matter?

Another Q&A site told that I should make up for my missed fasta but thata impossible since for each missed fast I should fast nonstop 60 days and I must have missed around 60 fasts . So 30×60 = 1800 days

So I should fast nonstop for 5 years ? :(

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For any fast you miss you just make up the day you missed not 60 days

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