I came across a video[1] of the burning of a Jordanian pilot by ISIS, and at the end of it, it quotes the statement:

" فإن كان في التمثيل الشائع لهم دعاء إلى الإيمان وحرز لهم عن العدوان؛ فإنه هنا من إقامة الحدود والجهاد المشروع "

attributed to Imam Ibn Taymiyyah, as if to validate their actions.

(I note that other sources indicate that 'الشائع' there, is a substitute for an original word 'السائغ')

Might anyone be able to further elaborate on the phrase above: its source(s) and meaning(s)?


  1. Link to reddit post containing the NSFW vid. Shared here in case anyone needs to verify the existence of the quoted statement.

Found in Self-Organized Islam: The Islamic State In Iraq, the Levant and Ibn Taymiyyah, by Yahya M. Mesho, Hartford College - USA. Translation: Mounir Al-Saeedani in an Arabic translation of an English original.

From the publications related to Ibn Taymiyyah on this sentence - the witness and determine its source in my compilation For the Timite texts, which are:

The Grand Fatwas (Ibn Taymiyyah, 1408 AH / 1987 CE: Vol. 5, p. 540)

Al-Mustadrak on Majmoo 'Fatwas (Ibn Taymiyyah, 1418 AH / 1997 CE: CJ 3, pp. 222-224)


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