I watch Naruto, in that they use chakra as energy source or power, and they sometimes they commit act of shirk, whenever they do any kind of act of shirk, I start saying this all is fake and there is only one God and that is Allah, I do this because it's all fake first and second that this might lead me to commit shirk, but in the home we play like using techniques of the anime and chakra all that but we don't commit any act of shirk, we just play and we don't believe in it and one of my friends just thinks about a story like Naruto in which there is chakra but we all know it's fictional, are we committing shirk, and are we committing sin? We only watch these anime for entertainment.


I asked something similar to my teacher (we have religion classes) and he said they are okay unless you actually lose your mind and believe that fictions. But I don't have any trusted sources.

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