I am a woman who reading the Quran from the mushaf and there are ayas with sajdah tilawah. When I read the Quran from the mushaf, I don't wear hijab.

When I reach the ayas of sajdah tilawah, I say 'sadaq Allahu al 'adeem' place the mushaf on the clean table and then stand towards the qiblah and say 'Allahu akbar' (without raising hands) and then go down to sajdah and say 3 times 'Subhaana rabbiyal aala' and then I stand up and say 'Allahu akbar' (without raising hands). Then I sit down and take the mushaf and say 'Aaudu bilahi min al shaitan alrajem bismilahi alrahman alraheem' continue reading.

All this is done without hijab or covering.

Am I doing sajdah tilawah correct as a woman?

  • Some madhhabs set sujud tilawa equal to prayer, some not just to point out one significant difference. – Medi1Saif Apr 29 at 13:45

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