i was on 3rd rakah and someone tried to open the door and i got distracted i’m pretty sure i recited the fatiha correct but there is a doubt that i didn’t i think i did recite it correct because i did it correct for all the other rakah and the person walked in when i was saying the last part of the fatiha (keep in mind i was going in ruku when i started to get this doubt and i also do get doubts a lot)

  • You should learn your basics it is a duty on every Muslim according the majority of scholars. When you doubt you should clear your doubt, by expecting that you've done it correctly من شك في شيء بنا على اليقين. Who ever doubts about something bases on certainty (replace doubt by certainty of correctness) ... Is the applied fiqh rule. – Medi1Saif Apr 28 at 2:28

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