Can you give me any advice or any dua so I can repent sincerely?


Know this:
-No repentance = punishment in the grave
-No repentance = Hell
-Allah’s mercy > Allah’s wrath

Watch videos on Allah’s mercy, specifically on repentance. It will hopefully soften your heart. Listen to some Quran, get closer to Allah. Sit on your prayer mat for however long it needs to be and just try your best to make yourself cry, or feel some remorse. Ramadan is a time to soften your heart. Don’t let your heart harden because of your sin, it’s not a good sign. You need reorganize to purify yourself, so keep calling out to Allah, repeating a simple phrase of repentance like, “Oh Allah, please forgive me. Oh Allah, please forgive me, etc.” Praise Allah, use his bountiful names and extravagance to make yourself feel some remorse. Know that he’ll is somewhere you don’t want to be.

Even if you can’t cry, Insha’Allah Allah will see it in your heart you are trying your best to feel remorseful and regret your sins. Another thing you can do is to stop repeating those sins to show Allah you really regret them.

Build your faith up, soften your heart. Know the consequences and how severe not repenting can cost you.

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