Assalamualaikum Brother and Sister,

I have been helping my mother business for almost 3 years out of 6 years, the whole years employees come and go either resigned or had to be cut off until we have left with 9 employees. This 9 employees is not exactly the best employee I have ever taken care of, they tend to get late, they are too lazy on doing sales and promotion, and worse they sometimes not telling us on important matter simply because they're too lazy to do it, for example= edc card machine has been broken for a month. apparently lots of customer prefer not to buy from us because it's not convenient. When we asked them they simply forgot to tell the whole month. The worst case happen when we found out that recently they have been covering one of the employee who took our money. In the midst if pandemic like this, we barely making any profit, in fact my parents and I had to use our personal money to cover up employees salaries. The most saddest part is these employees fully aware that our business not making any profit, they know my mother had to cover up their salary but they still working like that, the event with the money is happening really recently. This is where problem and my question lie: Since there's lot of people everyday come and go asking for a job from us because they have been cut off, I told my mum why don't we cut off the old employees, it doesn't have to be all of them but some of them can be replaced with people who really need and wanting to work. But my mother keep rejected me because she thinks it's zalim to cutt off employees while for me, I am thinking that there's lot of people out there who beg and really need a job, wanting to work hard but doesn't give any chance because we want to keep hang on with the old employee isn't a good act either. I am very sad because we barely make enough money every month, we use our personal money for employee who are not doing their job properly, while everyday there are people asking for a job because they're getting laid off due to pandemic, but it's really hard to explain this to my mother, and I never wanted to get mad or angry to her. Does anyone here have a good suggestion or some source of Quran that I can use to talk to my mother? Thank you so much beforehand

  • Salam and welcome to IslamSE the Q&A site about Islam. Please consider writing a readable post with only the necessary information and whit a layout that makes it easier to follow your points. As is written this too hard to read.
    – Medi1Saif
    Apr 25 at 2:56

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