I joined a Ramadan competition recently. They award the winners by measuring the deeds we did to Allah and the person who has the highest points is awarded. Daily they update a form to fill, it basically consists of the number of Thahajjath rakaths prayed, juzu completed, number of dikrs done, amount of sadakah given, number of tharaweeh prayers. Based on the number we get points on daily basis. My point is, is it right to measure what we do to Allah and tell to them?

This question rose because I don't count the number of dikrs I do because I do it with pleasure and go countless, also I don't feel it's right to measure what we do to Allah because Allah SWT doesn't give us countless blessings not by measuring. It's just eternal is what I think.

I want to know whether this competition is right or wrong and if its wrong I am ready to quit at anytime.

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