Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters

I'm 20 years old

I have a high libido and unable to control myself from watching bad video's and masturbate I'm trying to quit this for my future wife and to become a good Muslim

Alhamdulillah I'm clean for 3 days in this blessed month of Ramazan is helping me

When I get married I want to love my wife very much both physically and mentally

I want a wife who is somewhat shy but not much

Since I have a high libido I want a wife who has same interest and high libido like me. Like both our sex drive to be equal

I have so many things and fetishes that I want to do with my wife

Not anything Haram though

Can I ask Allah for a wife who is good in deen and also has interest in sex life

Am I a sinner to ask this?



my opinion only brother. stop wishing for those things. ask for a better wife. the one who would empower you and make you a better person. i am 23. and also had many fantasies. and also searching for a wife. im ny opinion, filthy sexual life is a sign of desires taking over you. take care brother.

  • But why can't he wish for those things as he already said that 'Not anything Haram though'.? – Osama Shakeel May 12 at 9:50

Non-married guy thinking about future relationships are not conscious of Allah. Person performs sin by his heart, if his heart is pure he stops performing sins. Firstly you should clear your heart from sexual thoughts. If you always think about future relationship with your wife, you never stop sins. You must make dua to stop dirty jobs and make dua to clean your heart from sins.

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