Salam Alaykum.

On this website, there was a similar question, but I have more to add.

There are mythological games/fantasy games with elements of polytheism, specifically with playable 'gods/archons'. I don't exactly understand if it is haraam or makrooh? If it falls into doubtful stuff and has no clear ruling, could avoid any doubts make it not haram? if it's not considered shirk/kufr to play, then why would it be haram (if it is), given that players know it is all fiction and it doesn't affect their real-life beliefs? If playing it is haram, is avoiding the plot, playable 'gods', and statues alright to make it playable?

If anyone answers, please state your sources.

  • You could take all questions on games and mark them as makrooh. Any details require an individual fatwa and we are not a fatwa site.
    – Medi1Saif
    Apr 13 at 16:44

This is a pretty funny question to come across tbh, but you yourself are not associating any of these statue offerings or gods with Allah. Even if they are called "gods" As long as they are not viewed as the omnipotent singular god that Allah is, I don't think they can be considered as shirk.

It's just a game anyway right? Killing is also haram but many Muslims play COD or other FPS games. You could even say hitting someone with a red shell in mario kart is haram because it's unecessary violence lol.


I would not play it to be safe. Its popularity can spread to kids, so they might actually believe things against Islam.

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