Assalam o alaikum . I am a Muslim girl and since i was 12 , i did not know that breaking.a qasam is so bad , i broke many oaths with Allah bcz i thought i will just repent i was baligh and now i know that it is a very big sin and i also have to pay kaffara for it. I am still young so i will talk to my family about paying kaffara , my father will do something about it and now i will never break any oath with Allah . I have asked Allah for forgiveness but im scared and worried and i broke so many oaths that i dont even remember the exact number so how can i pay the exact kaffaraa. Will Allah forgive me


Yes with a sincere repentance I think it’s only 3 days if it’s the same. Just don’t promise Allah something you can’t keep from now on. Allah is most forgiving most merciful never lose hope. Allah knows best.

  • Can i pay amount (money) for kaffara. I would have fasted for 3 days but i cant and nevertheless , money is the first option. Please tell me do i have to pay money for all oaths? They were too many we cant afford – Sinner Apr 11 at 3:52
  • You can give food to 3 poor people and that’s another option. – Youssef Benrifi Apr 11 at 9:07
  • Oh ok InshAllah I will. Thank you. I have tried many websites and nobody gave me an answer. I was hopeless. – Sinner Apr 12 at 12:28
  • Never ever thing that way there is always a way out of a sin major or minor. – Youssef Benrifi Apr 12 at 12:33

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