I’m a teenage girl and I’m currently struggling with ghusl.

Sometimes if I have even just a small sexual thought , I feel a high arousal for a second and when I look I do see a bit of yellow discharge. Now the problem is that this could occur several times a day.

Does this mean that I actually have to do ghusl multiple times? I’m really stressed about this.

  • Why do you think ghusl is necessary at all? – Sassir Apr 16 at 23:29
  • because I read that for women, when the discharge is yellow you have to do ghusl so I’m very confused, it’s been happening less recently but I still don’t know – dlsj Apr 17 at 9:05

This discharge caused by mere thinking would not require ghusl. It is called madhi and for that all you need to do is wudu, wash your private parts, and sprinkle some water on the spots which it got on. Allah knows best.

Also see: https://darulifta-deoband.com/home/en/qa/35886

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    Alright thank you I was confused bc after this question I noticed that my discharge always seems yellow even when I feel normal – dlsj May 17 at 11:32

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