I am seeking help for my friend. He is decent and religious man but suddenly he is facing a huge problem. he got married about 1 year and his wife got pregnant. Then suddenly one emotionally poor girl who is divorced came to his life for seeking help.That divorce girl is very week as she lost her father. moreover her husband cheated her for another woman.he helped her but with her innocent behave and politeness deep down he had started liking her. Now the girl loves him and he also loves her but he is mad now as he has child and wife. his wife forces him to leave that girl. that girl started loving him as her husband as in the time of prayer they both seated down and in front of allah said "kobul" for marry. his wife will not let him to marry that poor girl. and that poor girl only wants him as her husband. the person loves the poor girl most as she is a nice lady as she wants to live with him with "imaan" and also want the best mother of his recent baby. he gets mad as what should he do.he is not stable for doing anything and he is mentally pressurised a lot.

what should they can do? suggest me

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Wa 'alaikum salaam. Marriage in Islam is very simple and Islam also allows men to marry up to 4 wives at the same time, but only if he will keep justice between his wives otherwise he will be punished.

So there is a serious problem for marrying a second wife.

  1. You NEED to get the first wife's permission to marry another woman.
  2. You DON'T NEED to get the first wife's permission.

AFAIK nowhere in Quran or Hadith stated that the husband should get the permission of the first wife. Prophet Muhammed also married a women during war without asking his other wives, there was no Hadith IMK, states Prophet got his other wives permission before marrying another woman. Prophet had 9 wives at the same time, and I've never heard or read about Prophet asking for his wives' permission.

But Prophet put a condition when he married Fathima to Ali, that Ali should not marry another women while he is married to Fathima. From this we can see that you can put a condition when marrying.

Now the problem is, the man is married to a woman and has a child. Then he married another one. You cannot ask this man to leave either woman, since he married them already. The only thing to do is to tell the first wife about the Islam's law and have her accept the situation. She is only following the Islam's law and she will be rewarded for this in the after life, Allah is benevolent.

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