I am really confused. What is the correct way of saying shahada. Ashadu all or Ashadu an la. Please answer with some evidence ASAP. I mean what is the begiining. Ashadu an la or ashadu al

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    – Medi1Saif
    Apr 4 at 12:59

اشهد أن لا اله الا الله

Here in اب لا you don't spell the consonant ب because it is followed by ل due to the arabic grammar rule الغام (Ilgam).

Ilgam is a rule in which you don't spell consonant ن if it is followed by certain letters.


So the correct way to say is "Ashhadu al la" not "Ashhadu an la"

  • So, i pronounce it as Ashadu all right?
    – sohail Mir
    Apr 6 at 10:47
  • @sohailMir yes, I'm sorry I was in a rush so I didn't type in the way to correctly pronounce it
    – Kabeer
    Apr 6 at 12:22

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