So,sometimes I want to do a sunnah prayer but the problem is that I have no time. Even if I do,it's not very long. So,I always think to myself "Can I do it without reading the extra surah after the al-Fatihah? Is it allowed? Will Allah accept it?". Finally,I've found this website and I hope this will help me.


You need to recite an extra surah other than Fathihah for prayers. But you dont need to do a long surah, why not a single verse from Ikhlaas or Naas.

We can recite verse 2:255 but not 112:1? Both are single verse but only size differs. So if you dont have time, just recite a single line of a surah and that will be enough.


According to some scholars, if you choose to read a surah after Surat al Fatihah, you must read at least 3 verses, or 1 verse which is equivalent to 3 verses.

You may read only surah Fatihah, then move on to rukoo, but ask yourself this: Do you love Allah enough to omit 1 surah, after al Fatihah, when, from my experience, a very few amount of Muslims omit reading a surah after reciting al Fatihah?

Be a good example to all Muslims.

Proof from Sunnah:


Assalam u Alaykum WaramatUllahi Wabarakatuhu

  • Try to bring on more evidence to back up your answer – Muhammad May 7 at 16:45

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