I am extremely sorry for disturbing you. I am asking the same question again. Nothing is working. I just can't be in peace. Yes what i wished at that moment, i actually meant it. I actually wanted woman to get cheated by their husbands but later i changed my intention. But still I feel like i will get cheated by my husband too. Please help me. Please..


Tell them (o prophet),"My servants who have committed excesses against themselves (committed sins) do not lose hope in Allah's mercy. Surely Allah forgives all sins(with repentance). He is the most forgiving,most merciful. Don't worry, Allah will forgive you,if you repent , everyone does mistakes but the best of them is the one who repents. You are sorry for this,so Allah will not punish you,he is very merciful.


Almighty Allah will forgive every sin except Shirk. You haven't committed any Shirk in this case. Repent by reciting Astaghfirullah more frequently. Try to do Sadaqah and make dua to the Almighty Allah to make things easy for you.

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