I am a revert muslim however not a very good one, and recently i’ve been questioning religion and thinking of atheism. I’m normally a very happy person however this past week i’ve been feeling very depressed and i didn’t know why, this never happens to me. Yesterday i got ill and had a headache not knowing why. I went to sleep at 6pm because i felt ill and tired, in my sleep something bizarre happened, i was aware that i was in a dream, the dream felt real to where i was questioning if it was real, and everything was spinning in my room, my vision was spinning my ears were so hot they felt on fire and my head was spinning so fast it felt like it was going to explode i was yelling stop, i heard me yelling the words however my physical body didn’t actually yell, i felt tears coming out of my eyes on my physical body, when it would stop for a brief second i would sit up on my bed, (again not physically but in the dream, which felt very real)then something would push me back on my bed with great force, this happened a couple times. Then i thought the dream stopped but i was still in it not knowing so in the dream i ran out of my bed to call my sister for help then everything started again, realising that it never actually stopped, me running to my sister was in the dream. My whole vision was spinning my head was spinning as if it was going to explode i was begging everything to stop that’s when i recited a verse from the Quran a’udhu billahi minash shaitanir rajim, that’s the only one that came to my head as it’s the only one that i remember very clearly. nothing happened, i recited it again yelling it, again not physically yelling it but i heard myself yelling it in the dream, again nothing happened that’s when i questioned religion for a split second and if i need to say something to do with christianity instead of Islam but i quickly thought no, so i recited the verse again very powerfully and after a couple seconds everything stopped and i woke up with my face already covered in tears. I know i shouldn’t have done this but i confined in a friend with this dream i had, she is not religious at all, she said it could’ve been sleep paralysis and i’m thinking too much into it being religious. I tried to rationalise things as i usually pick logic over everything however there’s no answer i can get expect for it being something to do with religion especially the fact after i started reciting the Quran it stopped.

I’ve never had a dream like this before, i’ve had something similar but it wasn’t this intense to the point i was crying in my sleep and still cried hours after it happening, for example years back i had a dream i was aware i was in the dream however i was trying to wake up and i couldn’t, i had to move my body slowly and i woke up, nothing with reciting the Quran though and nothing scary

Another one was i was ill and i went to sleep pretty early and it felt real. i woke up (this was me dreaming of me waking up, wasn’t actually my physical body waking up) and something pulled my duvet over me to suffocate me this lasted around 3 seconds and then i actually woke up, however it felt real and i couldn’t breathe, when i woke up i was heavy breathing because of it.

None of these was intense though and lasted as long

  • I read ayatul kursi in dream when I get bad dreams from shaytaan. – Abdur rehman Apr 1 at 19:41

Have you consulted a doctor about this? If they diagnose you with sleep paralysis it may be easier to tell and it might ease your mind a bit. I’m not as knowledgeable as the other people who answer questions so in terms of the jinn theory I have nothing to say. But I highly suggest you get this looked into by a doctor. May Allah ease your condition

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