After the prophet peace be upon him passed away and different sahaba went to different cities was there a sahabi in each city who people would come to for a islamic legal ruling?

I might have heard in a fars that in Makkah it was Abdullah ibn Zubair may Allah be pleased with him? And in Madeenah someone else and in other cities someone else?

Is this correct and if so who were the sahaba whose madhab people followed? (Even though the term madhab might not have existed during this time)

  • It depends on the depth of the answer you expect. Mostly young sahabah such as the four 'Abdullah's ibn 'Umar, ibn 'Abbas, ibn az-Zubair and ibn Sa'ad ibn abi Waqqaas had influence on later madhhabs, but also many more like the four caliphs, 'Aishah, abu Musa ibn Masu'ud who had a huge impact on the fiqh schools in al-Kufa... – Medi1Saif Apr 1 at 11:20

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