My father went for umrah and brought some Qurans in different languages from haram Shareef mosque while returning back to India, he gave me one and gave the rest to other family members. I even asked him whether this is allowed? he said everyone does. Now, he passed away, I regularly read from the Quran the one he gave me, but today my one of my friend told me it's not allowed, it's a grave sin to take Quran from the Haram-Shareef! he said, I must return this Quran to any mosque or return back to Haram-Shareef mosque. Please suggest what should I do? should I keep it and continue to read or else return it to any mosque or Haram-Shareef(which require traveling).

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    This needs more explanation because usually the Saudi gifts the hojaj some books among that Moshaf copies. Further if the Moshaf is marked as "waqf" وقف it certainly is sinful to remove it from any mosque not only al-Masjid al-Haraam . – Medi1Saif Mar 28 at 13:03

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