I am a young male and my parents say that men aren’t supposed to shave their arms and/or legs. I don’t see the problem with it, is it haram? My older sisters do it, why can’t I? I think of the same for makeup. Makeup seems fun, but they wouldn’t approve. Are they telling me this because it is haram, or is it because of toxic masculinity?


In Islam we are not suppose look like/imitate women. So its better to grow a beard, don't use makeup obviously, and that would also probably mean refrain from. Shaving body hair.


Like @Dyshoreh mentioned, there is nowhere in the Qur'an or Hadith that explicitly states it's haram for a male to shave their legs; however, it will come off as a thing women generally do, not men. Muhammad (saws) forbade men from imitating women, so it's best you don't shave your legs but even if you do, it won't be haram per se.

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