Once when I woke up for fajr I saw a fluid on my boxers and thought it was madhiy so I splashed water on it and dried it on the heater. But as it was drying up my boxers started smelling weird. I couldn't tell whether it was urine or whether it was just body odour as my urine is usually odorless.

But then i started thinking that this fluid was wadiy and it could've come out with urine since this fluid was white and slimy and that's what could've caused the smell when it was drying up on the heater.

Also the night before this discharge I saw drops on my boxers after I used the toilet. I wasn't sure whether it was urine or just water from istinja so i just left it. I was also assuming that this urine spread with the water that I splashed water at fajr and caused the smell.

I still wore it but then changed it later on when these thoughts came to my mind and I'm worried that my heater is najis and I haven't dried my clothes on it ever since.

Should I just ignore this and just continue to use this heater as normal?

Even if it is truly najis would it now be fine to use the heater as it has been a few months since this happened and also because i still used the heater only to warm up my room so would this intense heat have uplifted the najasah?

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