I am a 25 years old girl. My marriage is about to happen in a month. It’s an arranged marriage. Everything was going well. But after marriage I want to live in a separate home with my husband. But my fiancee and his family are not accepting it. They want me to live with them. I tried to make them understand a lot. But they are not ready. Now I made up my mind to call this wedding off. I don’t want to get married and I told them that as well. Did I do wrong? Is it a sin to call off a wedding?

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It is not a sin to call off a wedding. You don't have to marry a person that you don't want to marry. Arranged marriage has nothing to do with religion, it is just a tradition of many countries, it has been there for many years. Breaking a tradition is not a sin. But be respectful to your parents who arranged this wedding.

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