Here is the narration that can be found in many tafseer books:-

«أربعة من الأنبیاء أحیاء اثنان فی السماء: عیسى و إدریس، و اثنان فی الأرض الخضر و إلیاس- فأما الخضر فإنه فی البحر و أما صاحبه فإنه فی البر»[2]


There are four Prophets who are still alive: Khidr and the Prophet Elijah live on earth, Prophet Isa and Idris in the sky.

This narration can be found in Suyuti's Al-Durr al-Manthur,vol-4, page. 239.

How authentic is it?

  • Ibn Hajar calls the isnad week. – The Z Mar 18 at 5:22

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