As recently in many question people are asking about things only Allah knows:

The above list is certainly expandable (feel free to edit).

Many of these questions are asking about things that are related with Allah's will and power or with expectations for teh afterlife.

I'd like to create a kind fo reference question about things that are beyond the knowledge of humans that are agreed upon by scholars.

Which kind of things fall under the term of knoweldge that is only by Allah and none (scholar/human) can safely give a clear answer about, because the decision and knoweldge about it is only by Allah and it can't be answered based on the given sources and human knowledge. And is agreed upon by scholars with no known difference of opinion?

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    Maybe a "Will Allah do such and such reference question" could be a better choice. – Medi1Saif Feb 28 at 19:27
  • I don't know if either of the presented questions are beyond our knowledge. As for the first, the question is about resentment and whether it is haram. As for the second, the answer is that any Muslim with Iman will enter Jannah. The Shahadah will not save a disbeliever or one who thinks suicide is halal. "Will Allah forgive a specific person" may be beyond our knowledge, but people are mainly asking for the general case and the ruling. – The Z Mar 8 at 0:03

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