Is it obligatory to shave within 40 days? Does not shaving really nullify all your good deeds or is that a myth? Do you have to remove pubic hair from the roots? I use a razor and it does not allow me to. I am 13 years old and waxing is too harsh for me now even though it removes hair from the roots. Shaving already irritates my skin. I shave until you can't see the hair but if you run your hand on it you can feel the stubs of hair. Please help me as I do not want to lose good deeds or do something wrong. Thank you

  • I personally shave with an electric razor. It leaves a reasonable length behind. I discussed the matter with a scholar who reassured me that it was fine. It is obligatory, at least in the Hanafi madhab, to shave pubic hairs and under armpits. Allah knows best. – moinudin Feb 28 at 4:06

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