I have been praying and reading the Quran but I’m worried that I might be a hypocrite. I found out what that means a while ago and how bad the punishments are, and I’m scared because I fit some of its description.

Even though I pray and see myself as a Muslim, I also do a lot of bad things.

For example, I sometimes lie, get upset at my parents, talk to non-Muslim guys, and look at things online that I shouldn’t be looking at. Sometimes I get lazy to pray and do it in a hurry. I pray alone and ask for forgiveness for my sins everyday, but I know that I’ll keep doing it anyways. I feel bad and I do want to be a good Muslim, not for others but for myself and for Allah. But I’m scared now.

Am I a hypocrite or am I just like any other Muslim who commits a sin?

  • Rule of thumb: If someone is worried about being a hypocrite, he's probably not one.
    – The Z
    Mar 14 at 2:23

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The hypocrite of a person who has not accepted Islam in the heart of the religion; But in appearance he shows himself a believer. But you are not against Islam in your heart, so you are not considered a hypocrite. So you are considered a sinner Rather, you are a Muslim who is lazy in performing your Islamic duties and customs. First, try to organize your prayers and stick to them. Because adherence to prayer leads to salvation and helps you to fight sins and temptations with more energy. 23: 1,2 - Certainly, the faithful have attained salvation —those who are humble in their prayers,

29:45 - and maintain the prayer. Indeed the prayer restrains from indecent and wrongful conduct, and the remembrance of Allah is surely greater. And Allah knows whatever [deeds] you do.

To avoid sins and mistakes in the first step, you must be really sad and sorry for committing them. And in the next step, try to cleanse yourself of evils. Ask God for help in this way. You will be rewarded for this effort to self-discipline.



  • @ Can you share a daleel for "The hypocrite is a person who has not accepted Islam in the heart of the religion; But in appearance he shows himself a believer."
    – Ahmed
    Mar 13 at 15:51

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